Jim Walters

CEO Emeritus

Mr. Walters joined Ogden Allied Services in 1990 and was responsible for developing the commercial market for…

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Jarrett Walters

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Walters joined Hawaiian Building Maintenance in 2006 as Director of Retail Operations. Prior to joining the…

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Janet Kwong

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Kwong joined Hawaiian Building Maintenance in 2007 as the Assistant Controller. She currently maintains a CPA…

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Paige Onishi

Chief Operations Officer

Ms. Onishi is currently the Executive Director of Operations and Customer Service and started in 2017. Ms. Onishi…

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Jim Birchfield

Vice President of Technical Engineering Services

Mr. Birchfield joined Hawaiian Building Maintenance in 1998 as a building Chief Engineer and is currently responsible…

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Dawn Eyman

Director of Human Resources & Safety

Ms. Eyman joined Hawaiian Building Maintenance in 1999 as a Human Resources Intern while still attending the…

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Jodi Okada

Director of Internal Operations

Ms. Okada joined HBM in 2002 as the Payroll Administrator. She began assisting the HVAC Department in 2008 with…

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Jadd Pittman

Director of Engineering

Jadd Pittman joined the HBM team in 2019 and oversees the HBM’s Engineering Department. Jadd brings over…

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Caroline Campos-Maika

Manager of Communications and Marketing

Caroline Campos-Maika joined Hawaiian Building Maintenance in 2013 as the Manager of Communications and Marketing….

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Candy Bruton

Accounting Manager

Candy Bruton joined Hawaiian Building Maintenance in 2019. Hired originally as the General Ledger Accountant, she…

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Devin Horswill

Safety Administrator

Devin Horswill has over 6 years of supervisory and life safety experience. As HBM’s Safety Administrator, he is responsible for…

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