HBM has consistently delivered professional facilities services to customers in commercial/corporate, retail, residential, government, financial institutions, education, and other distinguished public venues for over 60 years. HBM recognizes the importance of partnering with a reputable company to exceed expectations and provide quality service to the many kamaaina and visitors working, residing, shopping, dining and visiting their sites.

Over the years, our customers have come to expect a higher level of quality and consistency in our janitorial, maintenance, building engineering, route & retail services, and other periodic auxiliary services. We work with customers to customize the needs of their properties and pride ourselves in being the best value-added services provider in Hawaii. We work closely with supervisors and managers to establish proper communication channels with customers to effectively inform customers of site-specific ideas, suggestions, and solutions. Our Managers take their careers and extensive industry training very seriously so that their customers rely upon us as partners to efficiently manage their properties.

The primary industries we service include Commercial/Office, Retail, Condominiums AOAO, Institutional & Government where we provide janitorial, maintenance, building engineering, and periodic auxiliary services (pressure washing, carpet shampoo, seal & wax, etc.). We accommodate the needs of each customer and offer one-time services or bundle services to allow our customers the ease of partnering with one vendor. We have proven our managed services to be a successful “one-stop shop” service provider.

Building Engineering & Maintenance Services

HBM started its Building Engineering Services Division with a vision to provide professional services to maintain and support existing facilities as well as future developments and project-based planning. The aim of HBM’s building engineering services is to sustain a safe, comfortable and efficient environment. Our Engineers collaborate with architects, structural engineers, quantity surveyors and other building team members.

Emergency Assistance & Special Assistance

HBM provides emergency facility services for all types of buildings including commercial offices, schools, government facilities, etc. HBM recognizes the importance addressing emergencies as quickly as possible to reduce the impact on the operations of tenants and experience of their visitors. Our staff is trained and ready to disinfect your property using the most current and sophisticated measures laid forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the use of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved antimicrobial products.


HBM HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) Services Division offers air conditioning services to our many facilities across Hawaii. Whether you are looking to upgrade your building’s equipment or if your unit is not working properly, we evaluate your HVAC systems and recommend the best customized solution for your comfort needs.

Janitorial Services

HBM’s core business started with janitorial services. We continue to build upon our foundation as the cleaning industry leader on Oahu, Maui and Kauai. Training and supervision are key components in maintaining quality, dependable and consistent services that HBM is proud to be known for in the facilities service industry. HBM focuses on the safety and security of its staff as well as customers. Our cleaning services may vary from daily janitorial services in tenant suites and common areas, to periodic detailed services such as pressure washing, carpet shampoo, etc.

Retail Services

HBM services several major shopping centers, strip malls, and eateries. Cleaning and facility maintenance are managed throughout the year, 24/7, and include overnight/graveyard shifts to accomplish a pristine site for customers to experience each day.

Window Cleaning Services

HBM offers commercial window cleaning services. Clean windows enhance the life and quality of your property. Commercial and Retail window cleaning services including interior and exterior windows, window frames, and more.

Certified Disinfecting and High Touch Cleaning Services

HBM provides certified disinfecting of positive confirmed COVID-19 cases and preventive disinfecting services. If you need high touch cleaning, a preventative deep cleaning services, or emergency response due to a positive Coronavirus exposure at your property, we can help you. HBM has established protocols to provide the most effective decontamination available.