HBM HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) Services Division offers air conditioning services to our many facilities across Hawaii. Whether you are looking to upgrade your building’s equipment or if your unit is not working properly, we evaluate your HVAC systems and recommend the best customized solution for your comfort needs.

HBM’s HVAC department has been servicing Hawaii facilities for over 15 years.  Our experience in managing single units to high-volume utility plants is unmatched. HBM’s technicians provide solutions from HVAC installations to maintenance programs in order to maximize efficient cooling with minimal downtime. We have a comprehensive team dedicated to our HVAC department who are trained, qualified, and certified in the following services:  

HVAC Maintenance & Installation – Chillers, Cooling Towers, Air Cooled Condensing Units, Chill Water Handlers, Fan Coil Units, Heat Pumps, etc.

Preventive Maintenance – Check, Inspect, etc.

Mechanical Maintenance – Diagnose, Replace, Repair