Emergency Assistance & Special Assistance

HBM provides emergency facility services for all types of buildings including commercial offices, schools, government facilities, etc.  HBM recognizes the importance addressing emergencies as quickly as possible to reduce the impact on the operations of tenants and experience of their visitors. Our staff is trained and ready to disinfect your property using the most current and sophisticated measures laid forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the use of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved antimicrobial products.

HBM has a 24/7 emergency hotline that is routed to key management personnel to mobilize us in case of a traumatic building event, such as a flood.  All HBM management carry smartphones for rapid response to calls and email, and our office centrally located in Kakaako, keeps us close to your facility.  There have been several emergencies where our entire operations team, all the way up to our CEO, showed up to the site to assess a flood or water damage. As a team we recommend ways to mitigate further damage and mediate the existing damage through water removal and cleanup.  Additionally, we are capable of calling in help from our existing pool of over 700 employees in the event of an emergency, and we have done so for other properties to assist in their emergency remediation needs.

We view our relationship with your facility as a partnership, and we hope through communication that we can be proactive with the sites needs as we constantly seek to be prepared for the challenges ahead. The Emergency and Special Services we provide are:

Emergency Response and Natural Disasters

HBM Certified Cleaning

Garage Cleaning

Water Extraction

Route Services – Multi-Sites

Carpet Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Granite Restoration

Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

Floor Care – Stripping & Waxing